Veterans Disability Claims Experiencing Delays in 2013

Posted on Feb 19, 2013

north carolina veterans disability claimsNorth Carolina veterans are playing the waiting game. The Department of Veterans Affairs is transitioning to a new electronic system in 2013 and it is causing delays for many who wait for veterans disability payments

Benefit Delays Grow for Veterans

Qualifying disabled veterans may receive tax-free monthly payments for loss of vision or hearing, paralysis, travel reimbursements for service-related treatments, and more. Unfortunately, veterans disability claim processing is taking almost 100 days longer than it did last year, according to reports released from the VA. The VA's goal is to process each claim in under 125 days, but some offices around the US have seen the number of veterans waiting longer only go up.

Help With Raleigh Veterans Disability Claims

The new electronic veterans disability system was intended to make processing faster, however system errors are doing the opposite. Computer crashes and large documents with long loading times have extended application processes significantly. Raleigh VA disability attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates are helping veterans consolidate as much of the application process as possible, but then processing is an act of the VA office.

North Carolina Veterans Disability Lawyers

Check with our Raleigh VA disability attorneys if your claim has been denied or if you believe you are not receiving the full compensation you are entitled to. Although the VA's new electronic system is expected to be fully transitioned by the end of 2013, they don't anticipate issues associated with the new system to be completely resolved until 2015.

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