Vehicle Tech to Prevent Drowsy Driver Crashes

Posted on Nov 06, 2015

November 1-8 is Drowsy Driver Prevention Week. As part of this national campaign, our injury lawyers in Raleigh take a look at technological advancements being used in some vehicles to help prevent drowsy driver accidents. 

Systems have been developed for cars that monitor the driver. Typical signs of a drowsy driver include drifting between lanes and driving on the rumble strip. Some vehicle manufacturers equip cars with systems that detect this behavior and signal a dashboard and audio alert to the driver - warning them to safely pull off the road and rest.

Other signs of drowsiness include dropping one's head, yawning, and repeated blinking. Technologies use an infrared camera mounted on the dashboard. This camera monitors the driver's face and creates alerts as needed.

Some manufacturers are starting to rely on wearable technology. Devices that the driver wears while operating the vehicle can deliver biometrics to the car's computer and detect sleep risk.

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Brent Adams & Associates' Raleigh injury lawyers came across a video from CNET that shows these technologies and more: