VA to Add 1,900 Mental Healthcare Personnel to Improve Services for Veterans’ Mental Disabilities

Posted on Jun 21, 2012

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) plans to add 1,900 healthcare professionals and staff members nationwide. This bolstering of staff is in response to the record number of disabled veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The Miami Herald reports that the focus will be on mental healthcare programs. The VA supplied services for 1.3 million mentally disabled veterans last year alone. Whether it’s due to increased awareness about mental health treatment or an actual increase in mental health problems, the VA has seen a 35% increase in veterans seeking services for mental disabilities since 2007. The VA has responded by increasing their budget for these services by 39% since 2009. 

Of the 1,900 new jobs, 1,600 will be mental health clinicians and the remaining 300 will be support staff. Officials with the VA estimate that with each additional staff member, they’ll be able to reach hundreds more veterans in need of mental health services. The extra staff members will also be working on the continued efforts to research and find alternative treatments or therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The number of physically and mentally injured veterans in this country has skyrocketed in recent years. While this extra staffing is beneficial, it’s not a complete solution. If you or a loved one have been injured in the line of duty, disability benefits may be available. To get your injured hero the assistance he or she needs to get back on their feet in Dunn, North Carolina seek out a veterans' disability attorney at Brent Adams & Associates so we can discuss your options. Call us today at 910-892-8177.