Two Triangle Pit Bull Attacks In One Week Have NC Rethinking Dog Laws

Posted on Apr 12, 2009
The Charlotte Observer recently reported on the rash of pit bull attacks in the Raleigh and Durham area over the last few months and whether the dog bite incidents point to tougher breed-specific laws or dog ordinances in North Carolina in the future.

In Wake County in Raleigh, a 23-year-old man is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. In that case, the deadly weapon was a pair of aggressive pit bulls, which attacked a 6-year-old boy his home. The boy's injuries included 42 lacerations that could well leave both physical and emotional scarring.  

In Durham, just days after the Raleigh, NC, pit bull mauling, a boy walking his pet Chihuahua in a public park was attacked by a stray pit bull. The boy's dog did not survive the dog attack. Authorities have not determined who owns the stray pit bull - but whoever does may well be found negligent.  

Charging aggressive pet owners with assault with a deadly weapon is a new game plan used by lawyers to keep dangerous pets and their negligent owners off the streets - but some say the focus should be on getting pit bulls off the streets altogether by banning the breed in North Carolina. Breed-specific dog ordinances have been pushed forward in Denver County and Prince George County - influenced by the sheer number of attack and by the dog's associations with dog fighting.

However, some in the public believe that the dog breed shouldn't be punished - bad dog owners should be.