Two NC Nursing Home Residents Hit And Killed By Train In Kannapolis

Posted on Dec 03, 2009
In Kannapolis, North Carolina, this week, two nursing home residents were struck by a train after one man fell and the other attempted to rescue him. The fatal train accident has people wondering why the men were unattended outside of their adult care facility in the first place.

WCNC out of Charlotte, North Carolina, reports that 39-year-old Bill Richardson and 52-year-old Randy Davis were struck and killed by an Amtrack train on Friday night. Both men were full-time residents at the Britthaven Rest Home, an assisted living facility for the elderly as well as those with physical and mental disabilities.

Richardson suffered from Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) a spinal disorder that made it difficult for him to walk or to stay steady on his feet. Kannapolis Police reported that although the train conductor applied the emergency brake, the train did not stop in time to save the two men. The conductor reported that it appeared that Davis was attempting to pull Richardson off of the tracks.

Britthaven released a statement saying that it allows its more able residents to leave the facility whenever they wish, and Richardson’s brother said that Richardson often walked to a nearby store to buy snacks. Locals who live around the nursing home say that they often see nursing home residents walking in town – and that they can sometimes be in danger. In other incidents, residents have fallen out of wheelchairs or into creeks, while others walk on the railroad tracks, which is illegal.

Richardson’s family is not considering suing the North Carolina nursing home.

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