Two NC Boys Mauled By German Shepard

Posted on Feb 27, 2009

Local news reports shared that two young boys were mauled by a dog while playing in their Black Creek, NC, neighborhood last week. Wilson County animal control officers told the media on Friday that nine-year-old Cody Galloway and friend ten-year-old Anderson Hooks were attacked by a German Shepherd that was allegedly roaming the neighborhood without a leash or an owner.

The boys were playing in the woods near the 6400 block of Litchfield Road on Thursday, January 22 in the late evening when the dog approached them along with an unidentified mutt. Although the boys did not bother the dogs, the German Shepard growled at Hooks and then jumped on the boy as he tried to back away from the animal. The aggressive dog bit his head and neck. Galloway tried to help his friend, and the dog turned on him as well.

A neighbor, Tammy Goff, called the police while her husband, Dale Goff, pulled the dog off of the boys. When animal control officer Mickey Wilson reached the scene, he shot the German Shepard, which was still acting aggressively toward humans. The second dog was not involved in the attack and in fact took steps to protect the boys. It ran off during the commotion and has not been seen since. The dead German Shepard tested negative for rabies.

The two children were rushed to Wilson Medical Center and then to Pitt Memorial Hospital. Hooks is recovering from a number of bites and lacerations on his head and face as well as two badly torn ears. Galloway is recovering from a deep laceration on his neck as well as three bites on his face.

The dogs were not wearing collars or tags and it is not known if they have an owner in the area. If you have any information on the case, please contact Wilson County Animal Control.

Although the injuries the boys have experienced are obviously physical and could pose scarring concerns, another damage in dog bite cases is an emotional one. Learn more about emotional trauma in dog bite cases.