Top Safety Concerns for Americans

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

accident risksAmericans have convenient technology at their fingertips, behind the wheel, and in their homes. Safety procedures have been refined, accident prevention systems engineered, and medical advances help accident victims heal from injuries better than ever before. However, in North Carolina and across the nation, everyone feels less and less safe. Why?

Americans have three main concerns, according to Travelers' Insurance new research:

  • Money
  • Weather
  • Privacy

In late 2008, the North Carolina unemployment rate started to climb. It peaked in 2010 and has been on a slow decline ever since. The instability in the job market is believed to contribute to individuals feeling less secure about their finances.

Weather is just as unpredictable. With tornadoes hitting both coastal, Piedmont, and Western North Carolina towns over the past few years, homeowners and business owners are concerned about how a massive storm could affect their lives. (Learn about insurance disputes after North Carolina tornado damage.)

Online privacy matters also contribute to the growing sense of unease. Online banking, social media accounts, and other Internet-based activities reveal personal information that could be damaging to an individual if compromised. 

The report shows that more than half of Americans feel they live at a greater risk today. Are you part of the majority? 

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