Top 5 States for Dog Bite Injury Claims in 2012

Posted on May 21, 2013

dog bite lawyers in raleighOur Raleigh dog bite lawyers received the latest list of 2012 Top States for Dog Bite Claims. The list (compiled annually by State Farm) shows the states with the highest settlements in dog bite-related injury claims:

  1. California - $17.1M
  2. Illinois - $9M
  3. Texas - $4.3M
  4. Ohio - $5M
  5. Pennsylvania - $4.5M

North Carolina did not make the Top 5 (nor the Top 10). At the same, the United States Postal Service released their own list of cities where the most dog attacks against postal workers took place. Their Top 5 included Los Angeles, CA, San Antonio, TX and Seattle, WA (tied), Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, and Philadelphia, PA. Again, North Carolina did not make the list. Even though North Carolina is not leading the nation in dog bite injuries, innocent people are still attacked, scarred, and injured each year. 

Sadly, North Carolina was one of the top two worst states in America for dog bite fatalities, with four dog bite-related deaths reported in 2012.

Retaining a Raleigh dog bite lawyer for your injury case helps you navigate complicated laws, negotiates fair settlements, and educates you on the rights and compensation you are entitled to under law. There are many different degrees of severity when it comes to dog bites, but don’t believe your case for a scar on your leg is not as important as another dog bite victim who required facial reconstruction surgery. If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence you should not have to pay for your medical treatment or suffer at your own expense. Learn more about North Carolina dog bite cases.

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