Top 5 Specialties With Malpractice Claims

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

medical errorsSomeone who has never experienced a medical error or known someone who has suffered negligent healthcare may have the misconception that the most common malpractice claims involve a serious surgical or prescription error. Aren't most medical malpractice claims based on some type of fatal mistake at a critical moment? No. Those types of mistakes are called "never events" because they are never supposed to happen. However, they do occur and 1 out of 10 doctors have been involved with these "never events."

It is common for a doctor found guilty of malpractice to still practice medicine. Although diagnosis errors account for many malpractice claims (the most common misdiagnosis involves breast cancer), the areas of medicine with the most malpractice claims do not involve oncology:

5 Areas With the Most Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

  1. Internal Medicine
  2. Family Medicine
  3. OB/GYN
  4. Psychiatry
  5. Cardiology


The majority of doctors are unaware they have done anything to substantiate a medical malpractice lawsuit. Only 1 out of 4 doctors who are sued were expecting to be served with a lawsuit due to a treatment they provided, or failed to provide.

(These reports were compiled by medical information and education tool provider Medscape, a service of WebMD.)

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