Tiger Kills Patron in San Francisco Zoo

Posted on Dec 31, 2007
A teenage patron of the San Francisco Zoo was killed on Christmas day by a Siberian tiger who jumped a low barrier and slit the throat of the visiting victim. The two companions of the teenager who was killed were severely injured by the tiger. The barrier was one metre lower that the US standards for zoos. The zoo is in danger of loosing its license because of this tragic blunder. The San Francisco Zoo also faces the very real possibility of a wrong death claim by the family of the slain teenager. If this tragedy had occurred in North Carolina, the zoo's failure to house the tiger in an enclosure with a barrier high enough to comply with U. S. zoo standards would support a negligence claim and would very likely result in a substantial wrongful death verdict against the zoo. Verdicts tend to be much higher in California than in North Carolina. You can expect that if the wrongful death case is not settled, a California jury will return a very high verdict for what appears to be an inexcusable case of monumental negligence.

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