Three-Year-Old Killed in Icy North Carolina Car Accident

Posted on Mar 12, 2012
A family of four was involved in a serious North Carolina car accident on February 20 that police say was caused by an icy bridge in the wake of a winter storm. A three-year-old girl died in the accident, while the rest of the family suffered injuries in the crash.

According to local news sources, 26-year-old couple Matthew and Lana Cretzman were driving with their two children, Azlynn Cretzman and one-year-old Madison Cretzman, when the car accident took place. The vehicle was on I-77 in Surry County when it traveled over an icy bridge spanning NC 89 and slid off of the road into a highway sign.

The toddler was rushed to Northern Hospital of Surry County but died of her injuries. Lana Cretzman was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries including a broken leg and damaged ribs. Matthew and Madison were treated for less serious injuries at the same hospital.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the family was traveling through the state on vacation. The early-morning crash took place before the sun had melted ice from the bridge. On Sunday, the region of North Carolina saw up to four inches of snow and dozens of car accidents. While the roads were clear by Monday, hazards remained.

The North Carolina car accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates send their condolences to the Cretzmans and their loved ones.

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