The Hide No Harm Act of 2015 | Consumer Protections

Posted on Oct 13, 2015

consumer protectionsIn October 2015, lawmakers reintroduced a bill that might become "The Hide No Harm Act of 2015." Manufacturers of potentially fatal defective products would face greater consequences if the bill passes into law. The proposed legislation defines the various roles of manufacturers, designers, distributors, and more. Adequate warning requirements, for both employees and consumers, are described throughout.

The Act sets for "to establish criminal penalties for failing to inform and warn of serious dangers" and was originally introduced in 2014. The proposed law would impose fines and prison (up to 5 years) for corporate officers if they intentionally cover up information or neglect to warn employees or consumers about the dangers of a product or practice. The bill also includes whistleblower protections for individuals who alert officials about violations and dangers.

Defective products or potentially fatal products injure and kill innocent people. Sometimes these incidents could have been prevented if a company, manufacturer, or other party had come forward with knowledge about the possible dangers. Lawmakers are proposing The Hide No Harm Act of 2015 to deter negligent parties from withholding information, and encourage them to come forward and prevent harmful incidents among people associated with the products.

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