Takata's Air Bag Recall Apparently Largest in History

Posted on May 19, 2015

air bag recallsThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that Takata's expanded recall of almost 34 million air bags is the largest in history. Inflator mechanisms in air bags manufactured by Takata were found to be defective. Millions of drivers across the country could be at risk of more severe injuries in an accident should the air bags not inflate properly. At the same time, the air bags are inflating when no accident occurs--causing facial injuries and other painful injuries to innocent drivers and passengers.

According to NHTSA reports, the malfunctioning inflators were originally believed to be located in passenger-side air bags. However, the expansion then included driver-side airbags. Some reports were limiting the defects to areas experiencing high absolute humidity. The proceeding recalls now have no definitive reason why the air bags are malfunctioning.

If you are concerned your vehicle is affected by the recall, you might not be able to verify details yet. Originally, the recall included certain models from eight different manufacturers. The recall now affects ten auto manufacturers. Takata is preparing a list to provide to NHTSA for public distribution. 

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