Survivor Of DUI Accidents Sues Drunk Driver And Charlotte Bar

Posted on Mar 31, 2010
After being seriously injured by a drunk driver, a North Carolina woman is suing the driver, the Charlotte bar that served her alcohol, and the registered owners of the car that the drunk driver was operating.

Betty Faye Adams has filed an NC personal injury lawsuit in Gaston County Superior Court regarding a drunk driving car accident that took place in August of 2008. Court records show that 40-year-old Charla Dean Davis of Charlotte spent the evening drinking at Tony’s Bar on US 74 before getting into a car owned by Detlef Grohs and Rex Earl Berglund of Mecklenburg County to drive home.

At the same time, an SUV carrying a number of people stopped on a nearby bridge when the driver suffered a medical emergency. A tractor-trailer driver, 40-year-old Ronnie Gene Eudy of Charlotte, stopped behind the SUV to help. When Davis cross the bridge driving in the other direction, she slammed into the door of the SUV, seriously injuring two people and killing Eudy. Davis fled from the scene of the fatal NC car accident and didn’t turn herself in for ten hours.

Last summer, Davis was found guilty of second-degree murder, drunken and reckless driving, and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. She will serve up to 34 years in prison.

Now, Adams is seeking $10,000 in damages. She suffered internal injuries, a fractured pelvis, and other broken bones in the accident that lead to high medical bills as well as lost time from her job. She also says that she has permanent medical problems that affect her finances and career.

She claims the bar owners knew about Davis’ long history as a reckless drunk driver – she had four prior drunk driving convictions.

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