Study Shows Ignoring Pain in Elder Care Increases Death Rate

Posted on Mar 17, 2014

Research shows that seniors are better at managing their pain than younger adults. The problem lies in statistics that show seniors are not likely to discuss pain with their medical providers or mention pain to loved ones because they consider their pain a normal part of aging. With Alzheimer's and other ailments affecting some seniors, a large portion of aging Americans are not able to communicate their pain.

The combination of seniors ignoring their pain or not bringing the pain to a caregiver's attention creates potentially fatal problems. Pain is our bodies way of telling us something is wrong. If certain pains signal a condition or illness, a doctor may be able to treat it before it develops into something serious.

However, there are seniors being cared for in their own homes and in nursing homes across North Carolina and the country who clearly communicate their pain, yet their conditions are ignored by negligent staff or physicians. This news article recently included a study of over 100 nursing home residents in North Carolina; over the course of one month 90% of the residents experienced pain.

According to the article by New York Times News Service writer Jane Brody, "Untreated or inadequately treated pain is disabling and can hasten the death of an older adult by interfering with the ability to exercise, eat properly or maintain social contacts."

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