Study of Concussions From Sports Injuries

Posted on Jun 03, 2014

brain injuriesConcussions are a brain injury condition that may lead to other complications in the brain, misdiagnosis, or disease. As medical technology and researched is refined, studies of the brain help physicians create and prescribe effective treatments for accident victims who suffered a concussion.

Even though a medical doctor will individually diagnose and treat a concussion, a fairly new brain injury study takes a different approach to patients experiencing concussions.

The study specifically targets concussions caused by hockey injuries. Sports injuries can happen at any age--and this study targeted brain injury victims aged 30 through 80. Researchers with the Baycrest Foundation created cognitive tests for patients to participate in over a long-term study.

Accident victims who survive with a brain injury may not fully understand the possible long-term effects that could develop. Behavioral changes, memory loss, dementia, and other issues could manifest years or decades in the future. Future medical treatments and pain management should be addressed in a North Carolina injury claim. Right now researchers are trying to assess group results as a whole to identify patterns and understand if and how some brain injury victims are more prone than others to future health complications. Learn more about the long-term concussion research.

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