Stop Driving Dodge Challengers

Posted on Mar 25, 2013

dodge challenger recallIf you drive a 2013 Dodge Challenger - stop driving it immediately! Defective product lawyers in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates learned about a critical recall from Chrysler that affects everyone who drives a 2013 Dodge Challenger. About 2,100 Americans own and drive the make and model that is the focus of the recall.

Anyone who drives a 2013 Dodge Challenger with a V-6 engine is being directed to contact their Chrysler dealer for a loaner car while necessary repairs are completed. The problem with the Dodge Challenger? A possible short circuit may cause vehicle fires. The vehicles should be parked a safe distance from people and buildings to prevent potential injuries and damage.

Over half dozen vehicle fires have occurred. If your vehicle caught fire because of faulty manufacturing or a recall, contact our defective product lawyers in Raleigh for a complimentary case evaluation.

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