Stay Safe While Driving With New Emergency Response Technology

Posted on Apr 17, 2013

raleigh car accident lawyersA new service called splitsecnd connects to emergency services as soon as a car is in an accident. Similar to services like OnStar, the accident detection service communicates with the driver through a small speaker-microphone system after it detects impact. If the driver and passengers are conscious, they can request or decline emergency assistance. In serious accidents, when passengers may not be conscious, the service will dispatch an ambulance.

For drivers who may be traveling alone, worried about fatigue behind the wheel, or want an extra sense of safety while driving, splitsecnd cuts down on the time it would take for accident victims to receive necessary emergency care, and could potentially save lives. Watch a video here to see how it works. The device can fit on a keychain and then it is plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter.

There have been many new technologies like the one above, like motorcycle helmets that send text messages to family members when riders are in a crash, that are giving drivers safety options should they ever experience the stress and pain of a car accident. Our Raleigh car accident lawyers also wrote about new steering wheels that prevent collisions by alerting drivers of obstacles in the road. With these new services and the work being done to create self-driving cars, many lives will hopefully be saved and serious injuries avoided.

If you know drivers who are on the road late at night or who work long hours driving, share our Raleigh car accident lawyers' tips for preventing falling asleep behind the wheel.

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