SSA Hopes Video Hearings Will Decrease Disability Application Backlog

Posted on Jan 18, 2011
Unfortunately, the process of securing Social Security Disability benefits can be frustrating and far too long. In fact, presently there are an estimated 2 million Americans in the process of applying for or appealing a case related to Social Security Disability benefits. However, over the past few months and years, the Social Security Administration has been instituting several new policies, rules, and technologies that they hope will help decrease the backlog and get benefits to those with disabilities sooner.

Currently, some Americans can wait many months for their disability checks, while those that have to appeal denying claims can wait years for the financial support they need.

One of the most exciting changes the SSA has made recently is the addition of video hears as opposed to only allowing in-person hearings. Video cases allow those with severe disabilities to stay at home for their hearing and to avoid traveling long distances. In addition, video conferencing cases can cut back the overall timeline of your application process. At the same time, the judge in charge of the hearing still has the power to take an up-close look at the disabled person and get a realistic look at the challenges they face.

In addition, the SSA has recently signed a $200 million contract with Lockheed Marin Corp., an information technology company that they hope can help further expedite the application process through the use of new technology. 

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