SSA: 2 Million People Waiting For Social Security Disability Benefits

Posted on May 26, 2010
It is not news that the Social Security Administration is backlogged with disability cases – but it is news that the problem is getting worse in many states. In fact, according to the newest numbers, over two million people across the country are sick, disabled, unable to work, and waiting for their SSA disability benefit applications to be processed.

One of the reasons for the increasing backlog is the poor economy – with many disabled people losing their jobs and unable to find new work, applications go up. In fact, 3.3 million Americans are expected to apply for benefits in 2010 – a 700,000 increase in applications from 2008. All told, over 12 million people across the country receive some form of Social Security Disability benefits currently.

The SSA says that they hope to erase the backlog by 2013, included appealed cases. Two-thirds of all initial applications are denied, though the rate of success for appeals is much higher. Still, some are forced to survive two to three years in the wake of a diagnosis or accident until getting financial support – even though they are paid retroactively, keeping your life funded and your medical bills paid for years without support can prove difficult.

Another step the SSA has taken to solve the SSDI benefits backlog problem is to create a list of compassionate allowances – a list of very serious and often deadly diseases that are fast-tracked through the disability application process so that applicants can receive financial support as soon as possible.

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