Social Security Disability Advocacy Group Holds National Conference

Posted on Oct 06, 2009
In a recent poll 83% of those with disabilities said that they did not trust how the Social Security Administration (SSA) would handle this disability claim. If this is true, then who is supporting those with disabilities who are seeking Social Security Disability Insurance or Social Security Income?

The answer is, in part, The National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives (NOSSCR), a group of social security disability lawyers and others who aid or represent those seeking disability benefits. Founded in 1979, the group is now holding a national conference on Social Security disability issues.

The national conference is a three-day event to be held from October 14-17, 2009. During the conference, those concerned with helping the disabled find the support they deserve can take seminars and workshops that focus on how to best assist others in obtaining and maintaining their SSA disability benefits.

The seminars and workshops will cover the following topics, meant for social security attorneys of all experience levels: Handling Your First ERISA Long Term Disability Administrative Appeal, SSDI and Drugs and Alcohol, Social Security Fraud Investigations, Understanding VA Claims, How to Appeal an Adverse SSDI Decision, Understanding Eligibility Requirements, and Attorney's Fees for Representation Before Social Security.

The conference will also feature a presentation by the SSA concerning the current state of their government agency as well as any improvements or changes they have made the disability application and evaluation process. In addition the SSA will go over the new electronic service delivery system.

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