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Seriously Injured Woman Spends 19 Hours In North Carolina Woods After SUV Crash

Posted on Sep 28, 2009

The North Carolina Highway Patrol reports that a woman crashed her SUV into the North Carolina woods and spent 19 hours waiting for help before she was discovered by a group of children.

The North Carolina SUV accident, which took place in Alamance County, involved 38-year-old Sandra Fuller, who dropped a friend off at 11:30 pm on Sunday before driving off the road after failing to negotiate a curve. The car flew off of Whitney road and down a wooded embankment.

Fuller was badly injured in the car accident and waited hurting in the car for help for almost a day. Finally, she mustered the strength to crawl to the road where four children on bikes helped her. She was taken to UNC Hospitals where she was treated for her automobile accident injuries and dehydration. As of money, she was listed in stable condition.

NC police belive that Fuller was probably speeding at the time of the accident and charges are pending as the investigation comes to a close. Fuller also told authorities that she had consumed several beers before driving home. The accident took place in the Eli Whitney area of North Carolina.

Fuller's vehicle was not visible from the road and there was no one living close enough to the site of the North Carolina SUV accident to have heard it happen.

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