Recall of Motorhome Suspension System

Posted on Sep 25, 2015

motorhome suspension recallBetween the National Park Service, the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, and private camping centers, North Carolina offers hundreds of opportunities for individuals to enjoy the state's natural resources from their RVs and motorhomes. Some large recreational vehicles might contain parts that are included in a new recall released by Reyco Granning. Before using a motorhome again, individuals should check with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure the vehicle's safe operation.

The recall is for some Independent Front Suspension (IFS) assemblies that were manufactured between 2011 and 2015. About 2,000 systems could be affected in the recall, but these are only manufacturer estimates. Several cases have been reported that the ball joints become loose and eliminate the driver's ability to steer the vehicle. Steering loss could result in accidents, causing injury to the driver, those riding as passengers in the motorhome, and innocent individuals also sharing the road.

Individuals who purchased a vehicle between the dates above and believe they have an IFS made by Reyco should contact the dealer that sold the vehicle. Dealers are being notified and will replace the assemblies at no charge. If the motorhome was purchased in a private party transaction (non-dealer), the owner should contact the manufacturer to learn about replacement options.

You should keep a list of the VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) associated with all the cars, trucks, motorhomes and other vehicles registered and used at your home to check and see if any recalls affect them:

Check Vehicle Recalls Here

Should an individual or family have been involved in an accident with their motorhome after it lost steering control, they might consider the possibility that the system was part of a recall. Even if the system is not part of a recall, there might be a defect present that an accident evidence and/or accident reconstruction could help identify.

If you have questions about how an injury claim should be filed when a defective product or recall is involved in the case, contact one of our injury lawyers in Raleigh. Our lawyers represent individuals who were injured due to the negligence of another party. If a product is found to be defective, the party responsible for its assembly or maintenance could be held responsible depending on the circumstances of the accident.