Raleigh Work Injury Lawyers on NCSU Trench Collapse That Killed Worker

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

A Raleigh construction accident at NC State in late November took the life of a worker. The worker was trapped under dirt that covered and suffocated him when the trench he was working in collapsed. When Raleigh work injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates read about the devastating workplace accident, they noticed the deceased's family may have several options for recovering burial costs and receiving compensation for income now lost due to their family member's passing.

Local news reports have not revealed an actual cause of the Raleigh construction accident, however here are compensation options in a few different scenarios:

  • The accident took place on the campus of NC State. If the university was negligently maintaining their property, and engineering experts could link this to the trench collapse, a wrongful death lawsuit could be pursued.
  • The worker was an employee of Morrisville's JF Wilkerson Contracting. The contracting company may not have trained the fatally injured worker properly, or provided the appropriate tools, or failed to provide adequate safety gear. Further investigation of the construction accident will help reveal more.
  • Defective construction products, manufacturing, or inadequate support involved with creating and holding the trench that collapsed could also be responsible for the work injury. If the worker was relying on a bracing or support system to hold up the trench, and the materials were faulty, the fatally injured worker's family could pursue the manufacturer for compensation.

The family of the fatally injured Raleigh worker is not alone. Construction injuries accounted for 721 fatalities in 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The use of dangerous equipment, the risk of falls, and physical stress of construction labor make the construction industry a high risk for on-the-job injuries.

The North Carolina workers' compensation system doesn't just compensate families for wage loss or medical expenses for injured workers. NC workers' comp death benefits are also available.  Workers' comp death benefits can help cover:

  • $3,500.00 for burial expenses.
  • Beneficiaries may recover 2/3 of the deceased's average weekly wage at a minimum of 400 weeks. (The time of compensation is longer for individuals who were entirely dependent on the deceased.)

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