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Raleigh Reviewing Dangerous Dog Restrictions

Posted on Dec 01, 2015

Raleigh dog ordinanceLast month a committee within the Raleigh City Council proposed revisions to a dangerous-dogs ordinance. Today, the Raleigh City Council meets to review possibilities for these changes. What will be discussed? Read the full agenda here. According to the City Council Agenda and local news reports, topics of discussion will include:


  1. Animal Control. Dogs that have been deemed dangerous require special care. Dangerous dogs may need to be quarantined, euthanized, tranquilized, or a number of other actions. The City Council will discuss what methods animal control officers should use and under which circumstances.
  2. Restrictions. If passed, dog owners would need to comply with new restrictions for animal care and containment, depending on how their dog is classified. 
  3. Definitions. In order to appropriately apply provisions, the City Council members will need to clearly define what constitutes a 'dangerous dog' and which injuries are considered serious. The City Council will discuss possible expanding this definition. The proposal recognizes serious injuries as those that cause disfigurement, break bones, and any injuries that require hospital care or cosmetic surgical correction.


It remains to be seen, however, it appears the proposed revisions would provide animal control officers greater control over seizing dogs that have bitten another person or animal. No breed bans are included on the agenda as of this writing.

Statistically, children are most commonly the victims of dog attacks. Last week an infant was attacked by a dog in downtown Raleigh and suffered serious injuries that required multiple surgeries, with more medical procedures expected. Of course, dog attack victims can be any age. For updates on the potential dangerous dog ordinance changes in Raleigh - follow our dog bite lawyers on Twitter @brentadamslaw and Facebook


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