Raleigh Personal Injury Attorney Brent Adams Speaks at Southern Trial Lawyers Association

Posted on Mar 01, 2013


brent adams raleigh injury lawyerBrent Adams, Raleigh injury lawyer, spoke at the 25th Annual Conference of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association in New Orleans in February 2013. Brent Adams presented “Fighting the Subrogation Vultures: Essential Final Step in Advocacy”, a session devoted to educating trial lawyers across the South about how injured persons’ compensation could be compromised by subrogation claims and how attorneys can help remove or reduce these liens. 

Subrogation claims are liens placed on personal injury settlements by health insurance companies in order to be reimbursed for their expenses. Insurance companies file these subrogation claims to try and recoup their costs, but in doing so innocent accident victims are left with no money and the attorneys that represented them throughout their claim do not recover a cent. An entire settlement could be exhausted unless injury lawyers know about specific cases, which is what Brent Adams spoke of during his presentation.

Covering the critical benefits federal employees enjoy under the Federal Employees Benefit Act of 1959, Brent Adams showcased his own injured worker client as an example. With the right legal representation, injured workers have the ability to settle their subrogation claims for far less than what the insurance companies demand. Through Brent Adams’ guidance, his client was able to settle a subrogation claim for over $400,000 less than what the insurance company claimed. Brent Adams used several other examples of how the Federal Medical Care Recover Act and Medicare Advantage regulations and lien rights can be twisted to intimidate victims when in reality insurance providers are grossly overstating their claims.

Brent Adams reviewed each piece of legislation and case to show how three of his clients were able to preserve $316,784 after paying attorney fees.

Adams advised the attorneys attending the Southern Trial Lawyers Association of several federal cases they can leverage when representing clients who are the target of subrogation claims. In an effort to share his knowledge with other attorneys, Brent Adams frequently lectures at trial lawyer groups. In addition to his presentation at the Southern Trial Lawyers Association, he has spoken at legal seminars sponsored by the North Carolina Bar Association, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Wake Forest University, The North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers, as well as the prestigious Melvin M. Belli Seminar. With three injury law offices in North Carolina, Brent Adams & Associates operates an aggressive team of accident attorneys and work injury lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn.

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