Police Shoot Pit Bull after Attack – Dog Had Alleged NC Bite History

Posted on Nov 09, 2011
A police officer was attacked by a pit bull during a drug raid last week. An initial investigation has revealed that the aggressive dog had a history of dangerous behavior in North Carolina and that neighbors were frightened of the pet.

According to local news sources, the NC dog bite incident took place on 71st Street in Newport News, just minutes after an undercover officer dropped off five pounds of marijuana at the home of a suspected drug dealer. After the drugs were delivered, two uniformed officers entered the home with a search warrant, but were quickly confronted with a pit bull. The dangerous dog bit one officer in the groin and was shot by the second officer. Three people found in the home were arrested on drug charges.

Neighbors told reporters that the owner had told them that the dog had been banned from North Carolina after biting a child. Since it had moved to the new residence, the dog had bitten several area residents. One neighbor, who did not wish to be named, kept a log of the dog's aggressive behavior and said that she wouldn't leave her home without first looking for where the dog was. In addition, she described one incident in which the neighbor allegedly sicked one of the dogs on her while she was working in her yard.

The North Carolina dog bite attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates hope the officer quickly recovers from his injuries.

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