Police Pulls Over People for Driving Without Ice Cream

Posted on Aug 05, 2016

Getting pulled over by a cop is nerve-wracking and no one likes it, especially if getting pulled over results in a ticket. On a hot summer day in Halifax, Virginia, cops put a scare into unsuspecting drivers. 

            Police Chief Kevin Lands pulled over random citizens and proceeded to tell them that they were violating code No one knew what code was until Chief Lands revealed his hidden ice cream cones and handed them to the nervous drivers. He told everyone that code made driving without an ice cream cone illegal on a hot day. Chief Lands said he wanted to make sure everyone was driving safely.

            According to Autoblog.com, Chief Lands posted a video of his prank on his Facebook page. The video has also been posted on Autoblog's site. Click here, to view the video and see additional details about this story.