Pit Bull Mauls One-Year-Old Girl in West Charlotte

Posted on Oct 17, 2011
At least one pit bull is believed to have mauled a one-year-old baby girl in West Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this month. The little girl underwent surgery soon after being admitted to Carolinas Medical Center and was in critical condition following the NC dog attack.

The Charlotte dog bite incident took place on Tuesday, September 14, on Pinebrook Drive where the baby's mother, Janae Johnson, was visiting her boyfriend's mother. It is unclear how the dog attack took place or whether there was an adult supervising the pets and the child. Witnesses simply said that Johnson ran into the street with an injured small child, asking for help. It appeared that a towel was wrapped around the child's neck.

Neighbors of Johnson, who lives in the nearby Fernwood apartment complex, said that the woman seemed to be a loving, attentive mother with two young children.

According to the Charlotte Observer, witnesses also told the media that several vans from Animal Care and Control arrived at the home soon after the attacks and removed multiple pit bulls from the residence. However, police have not confirmed how many animals were responsible for the dog attack or what the fate of the animals would be. An investigation into the dog mauling is underway.

This is the second serious North Carolina dog attack involving babies and pit bulls this year.

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