Pinnacle, North Carolina, Boy Attacked By Pack of Rottweilers

Posted on Sep 28, 2009
One of the first lessons a child should learn about aggressive dogs is that canines can be prone to attack especially while they are being fed. This proved to be the case in Pinnacle, North Carolina this week when a 5-year-old boy, Joey Childress Jr., was attacked by a pack of aggressive Rotweilers near Pilot Mountain.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon, the boy was helping an adult feed a group of dogs when they attacked the little boy, leaving him with dog bite wounds on his head, neck, and stomach. Police and investigators also told reporters that they boy's grandfather has another 20 dogs on the property where the dog attack took place, though most of the dogs are chained. Police say as many as five dogs were involved in the animal attack, which took place after the boy jumped into the dog pen.

The Surry County EMS rushed the boy to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, where he was treated for his dog bite wounds. Upon arrival, the boy was in critical condition. He has now been upgraded to fair condition.

The animals involved in the dog attack were taken to a local North Carolina animal shelter for their mandatory 10-day quarantine. Some of the dogs were German shepherd mixes. The grandfather who owns the dogs said that the dog attack was a freak accident and that the dogs are not aggressive. Investigators have not pressed charges and are waiting to hear and update on the boy's condition before acting.

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