Pending North Carolina Law Might Affect Road Safety

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

north carolina traffic lawMany communities across North Carolina redesign street patterns, add bike lanes, and create sidewalks in efforts to make the roads safer for those in motor vehicles, on bicycles, and those on foot. Traffic calming projects do not simply develop overnight. Towns and cities deliberate over the concerns of residents, accident reports, and other matters related to a specific stretch of road's traffic.

Similarly, House Bill 44 Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015 has not surfaced overnight. The proposed legislation was filed in February 2015 with the North Carolina General Assembly. As of this writing, provisions in the bill are still being debated. Earlier in the summer of 2015, lawmakers at both the House and the Senate started appointing committees to clarify terms in the bill. Local news reports show that on August 13, 2015 committees are close to compromise and could announce the new law at any time.

What exactly does House Bill 44 intend to accomplish? As the recent draft stands:

  • Projects would not be permitted if forecasts show street redesign would impede the Level of Service (vehicle congestion) within two decades.
  • Restrictions for the addition of bike lanes. Bike lanes would not be permitted on roads experiencing an average of 20,000 vehicles or more daily.
  • Both conditions do not need to be met to disqualify a lane reduction project; only one condition needs to be met to make the project ineligble.


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