Pending Law: North Carolina Speed Limit Increase to 75MPH

Posted on Apr 20, 2013

north carolina speed limitSpeed-related accidents account for approximately 12,000 fatal car crashes annually. Now the potential for more speed-related accidents in North Carolina may become greater. The North Carolina speed limit is currently 70 MPH, however this month the North Carolina Senate approved of an amendment that would increase the speed limit to 75 MPH.

The speed limit change was met with little opposition in the Senate, only one opposing vote. The proposed speed change would affect select interstates and highways.

If the House approves the new speed limit, it would be at the Department of Transportation's discretion where to implement the new speed limit. The DOT would choose arease based on traffic levels, population and engineering factors. High-speed driving prevents drivers from having safe control over their vehicles. Swerving, quick stops, and other reactions to road hazards could put drivers and their passengers as well as surrounding vehicles at a greater risk of severe injury.

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