Pending Insurance Requirements for Mopeds in NC

Posted on Jul 01, 2015

NC moped insuranceMoped owners in North Carolina must comply with new registration requirements as of today, July 1, 2015. Starting today, all mopeds and scooters (vehicles that do not have an external shifter, that cannot exceed 30MPH on level surface, have engines smaller than 50 cc, and have two or three wheels) must be registered and display a valid license plate. State officials hope the new requirement will help identify and hold accountable parties involved in traffic violations. 

Although the new regulations require registration, no state laws currently impose insurance requirements on moped owners or operators. That might change. According to the News & Observer, legislators are starting discussions about minimum liability insurance rules for mopeds. Additionally, lawmakers are hoping to eventually require state-issued ID or a valid driver's license (which are not currently required), as well as impose restrictions on the roadways where mopeds would be permitted to drive.

Approximately 19 states currently impose liability insurance requirements on moped owners/operators, perhaps North Carolina might join the ranks in the future. For now, although moped insurance is not required, individuals who own and operate these vehicles could still secure coverage. How much insurance should an individual acquire? Raleigh car accident attorney Brent Adams says you should have as much insurance as you can afford. Learn more about various types of insurance coverage.


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