Patient Sues NC Company after Object Left Behind in Pancreas

Posted on Dec 22, 2011

An elderly couple is suing both a hospital and a medical device company following an allegedly botched pancreatic surgery.

According to local news sources, Clara Pilgrim had a medical procedure performed on her pancreas in the fall of 2010 involving a cytology brush. During the procedure, she believes that part of the brush used to collect her pancreatic cells broke off and was left behind by doctors. The foreign object in her body caused a number of painful and expensive complications, including pancreatitis. The result was a number of hospitalizations and surgeries, as well as horrible pain.

Even after multiple surgeries, doctors could not remove the fragment of brush from her pancreatic duct and finally inserted a stent into the area to prevent future problems.

Part of the medical mistake lawsuit names North Carolina medical device company Wilson-Cook Medical – the business that manufactured the cytology brush. Clara Pilgrim and her husband Horace believe that the company, which also does business as Cook Endoscopy, did not make the instrument strong enough and did not protect patients from the dangerous tool. In addition, the couple is suing the doctors involved in the surgery, saying that they should have recognized that the brush was defective.

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