Over 80% of Workers Comp Bills Go Unsubmitted

Posted on Mar 12, 2013

raleigh workers comp lawyersWorkers comp lawyers in Raleigh at Brent Adams & Associates are encouraging North Carolina injured workers to keep a close eye on their medical bills. If there are any suspicious invoices, speak up about them as soon as possible. A new report shows that 81% of providers are failing to resubmit invoices to insurance adjusters. The study reviewed approximately 10,000 bills.

The report shows that adjusters are not receiving the information they need in order to satisfy claims. Without their review, balances for necessary medical services are left unpaid. This creates a problem for the injured worker that could be avoided if they retain up-to-date records of their medical care.

Why are these medical bills being returned?

  • Doctors fail to include notes about treatment.
  • Inaccurate or incorrect forms are used.
  • Medical billing codes are missing.
  • Duplicate bills are submitted.

The insufficient documentation is creating delays for many injured workers' compensation claims. Contact our workers comp lawyers in Raleigh to learn how your case can be expedited and to ensure you are receiving the treatment and benefits you are entitled to.

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