Over 100 Medical Procedures Deemed Harmful

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Raleigh medical malpractice attorneysNeurologists, thoracic surgeons, and a dozen other medical specialists participated in a project by the American Board of Internal Medicine. The medical professionals collaborated on a list of over 100 medical procedures that they agree are harmful and/or unnecessary.

In order to prevent surgical injuries, our Raleigh medical malpractice attorneys are listing several of the procedures below. Although doctors wanted to draw attention to unnecessary medical procedures due to the potential harm they may cause innocent patients, the doctors also wanted to address the wasted expenses. Not only are patients receiving what may be unncessary treatment, but they are incurring costs as well. 

  1. Feeding tubs in older adults
  2. CT scans for children's head injuries
  3. Antibiotics for "swimmer's ear"
  4. EKGs for patients without heart conditions
  5. MRIs for low back pain (unless lasting longer than 6 weeks)

Physicans may elect to administer certain procedures to rule out conditions and determine an effective treatment. The list of unnecessary procedures addresses the almost routine use of the procedures, and wants a nationwide medical effort to use the procedures with discretion. The few procedures listed above, for example, may cause more problems for the patient. Feeding tubes are known to injure older patients, and children who experience CT scans have an increased risk of cancer. There are alternative treatments doctors can offer that focus on the overall general well-being of the patient.

Those who have suffered an injury or financial loss due to a negligent doctor in North Carolina may be entitled to compensation. The list our Raleigh medical malpractice lawyers reference above includes over 100 "useless" medical procedures. Request a free case evaluation by one of our NC malpractice lawyers or ask for a copy of Brent Adams' book The Truth About Medical Malpractice Claims.


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