Outer Banks Motorcycle Crash Blamed On Steering Malfunction

Posted on Apr 29, 2010
While many assume that the majority of North Carolina motorcycle accidents occur due to speeding, reckless driving, or drinking and driving, there are many, many reasons for a motorcycle accident to take place. This week in the Outer Banks, investigators believe that a steering malfunction in the motorbike might be to blame for a fatal motorcycle wreck on NC 12.

According to North Carolina State Highway Patrol, 27-year-old Linda Monelavongsa of Baldwinville, North Carolina was driving her motorcycle in Corolla on NC 12 when she seemed to lose control of her bike, drift into the opposite lane, and hit a van traveling in the opposite direction. Another person, 30-year-old Preston Cox of Baldwinville, received a broken pelvis in the motorcycle crash. Cox told police that he believed that a malfunctioning motorcycle was the cause of the fatal accident. Police say that this is very possible, as speed and alcohol do not seem to be factors in the crash. The bike will be examined for further evidence of mechanical failure.

Last Sunday, a 33-year-old motorcycle rider was killed when a car turned in front of his bike in the same area – police believe the car did not see the approaching motorcycle. The Sunday before that, a 27-year-old firefighter died in a motorcycle crash in James County when he lost control of his bike. In this case, police believe speed was a factor.

All three fatal NC motorcycle accidents are under investigation.

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