Ocala Cyclist Recovers From Bike Accident And Head Injury

Posted on Aug 18, 2011
Just a month after a North Carolina bicycle accident that left her in critical condition, 20-year-old Kaylynne Charles is driving a car, hanging out with her friends, and even beginning to return to work. This progress is surprising to doctors and Kaylynne’s family, who couldn’t imagine such a quick and complete recovery after the crash.

Charles was on a camping vacation with her boyfriend in Sylvia, North Carolina, on Independence Day weekend when the pair decided to do some cycling along a mountain road. Charles lost control of her bike and her head slammed against the pavement – breaking her collarbone and causing a traumatic brain injury. She was not wearing a helmet.

Over the next few days, doctors struggled to save the young woman’s life. She was bleeding from her brain, which was swelling against her skull, which was fractured. She also had a ruptured artery. She needed two different emergency operations to stop the bleeding in her head and, at one point, went into cardiac arrest. Doctors said that it would be a long road to recovery – a period of at least multiple months.

While she still has not healed completely, Charles is quickly returning to her normal life. She has now turned to other worries, such as paying for her medical bills from the accident. Last weekend, her family held a fundraising golf event to help her handle her medical debt.

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