NuvaRing Injury Claims

Posted on Apr 07, 2015

nuvaring injuriesNuvaRing is a modern form of contraception that does not require injection or daily oral medication. Instead, the device is inserted vaginally and removed after three weeks. One week later, a new device is inserted and the cycle continues. The product's convenience has attracted millions of women to use the product. Since the product came to market in 2002, many women have suffered blood clots and other health issues. Some of these reactions have been fatal.

According to the manufacturer's site, NuvaRing is not meant for women over 35 who smoke, or who have certain medical conditions. Due to these guidelines, many of the NuvaRing injury cases our North Carolina injury lawyers note below involve young women.

Erika Langhart - 24 - Fatal injury. According to news reports, Erika experienced a blood clot in her thigh, which traveled to her lungs and caused "massive" pulmonary embolisms. She suffered multiple heart attacks, went into a coma, and physicians declared her brain dead.

Lyndsey Agresta - 27 - Fatal injury. At the time, Lyndsey did not know what was causing the pain, but her severe migraines were attributed to hemorrhages in her brain. A blood clot in her brain required doctors to remove two-thirds of her right cerebral hemisphere. She was confined to a bed and paralyzed for about six months. During that time she underwent multiple surgeries. Ultimately, she died. Doctors suggest the clot resulted from NuvaRing.

Ann Tompkins - 43 - Fatal injury. Ann died less than six months after she started using NuvaRing. She suffered a fatal blood clot in a lung.

Megan Henry - Age withheld. - Injury. Megan's doctors discovered multiple blood clots in both lungs after she developed trouble breathing during exercise. She required a breathing machine and blood thinners.

Almost 4,000 women and surviving family members of women who died as a result of the device filed a lawsuit against Merck, the manufacturer of NuvaRing. They cited failure to provide adequate warning. Without admitting to any wrongdoing, Merck paid out $100 million in early 2015. Some claimants continue to pursue more.

If you believe your or a loved one's medical conditions are caused by NuvaRing, you might be entitled to compensation. There are many factors involved with product injury cases. Complex legislation affects prescription medication. Our injury lawyers in Cary and Raleigh can help you understand what is required when making a claim against a drug company. Contact our lawyers for a complimentary case evaluation.