Nursing home sued for death of mentally impaired 38 year old man

Posted on Jan 11, 2008
Abuse of elderly and disabled residents of nursing homes is a common problem. It is shocking to learn the conditions under which some nursing home victims live. An unfortunate example was revealed in a recent case involving the death of a severely mentally impaired 38 year old male who appeared to ve a victim of a deliberate assault. According to documents from Wayne County Circuit Court in Michigan, the Life Center Group Hope is among one of 10 defendants that has been named in a premises liability case that the family of 38-year-old Marty Mauricio filed after his death in November of 2006. Allegedly, Mauricio suffered injuries under the direct care of two former employees of Life Center that led to his death. The suit, filed on August 3 of last year, says that Mauricio died on November 18 of 2006 after he had resided at the group home, located in Dearborn, Michigan, for about 10 years. According to his brother, Joseph, Mauricio “had the body of an adult, but he had the mind of a 3-year-old.” Joseph Mauricio said that the family believed the group home would be the ideal place for him to live. The suit says that Mauricio was under the direct supervision of 40-year-old John Washington and 27-year-old Hilton William on August 22 of 2006 when he received a sever injury to his neck, leaving him paralyzed. Mauricio was rushed to Dearborn’s Oakwood Hospital and given the diagnosis of a broken neck. For approximately three months, he was on a ventilator and barely able to communicate. He was pronounced dead at Wyandotte Hospital on November 18 of 2006. Initially, his injuries were reported to have come from a fall. However, according to a 2006 statement by Detective Sgt. Mike Sabo of the Dearborn P.D., they weren’t consistent with someone standing and then falling. After further investigation, it was discovered that he was allegedly pushed by Washington. Washington is facing criminal charges.

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