North Carolina Workers' Compensation Coverage: Does Your Employer Have It?

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

nc workers compensation attorneyMany changes are taking place at the Industrial Commission, the state agency focused on North Carolina workers' compensation claims. Our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers discussed Senate Bill 10 here, which has changed the terms of the commissioners who review workers' comp claims for North Carolina injured workers.

Injured workers in North Carolina have specific rights. Employers are required to provide workers' comp insurance coverage to compensate workers in the amount they are entitled. The Industrial Commission has been under serious scrutiny in recent years because employers have not provided necessary workers' comp coverage in order to compensate injured workers for the expenses they are entitled to.

Those hurt at work should expect to receive NC workers comp benefits within two weeks of notifying their employer of the workplace accident. Unless the employer has submitted a workers' comp denial, failing to make payments within two weeks will result in a penalty fee that will be collected by the injured worker. What about workers whose employers don't have workers' comp insurance?

Here are the problems the North Carolina Industrial Commission is facing when it comes to employers failing to retain workers' comp insurance coverage:

  • The Industrial Commission, and the injured employee, are not learning about the companies in violation until a person is hurt at work.
  • Businesses are canceling workers' comp insurance coverage without replacing it, or letting it lapse, and the Industrial Commission has no program in place to track over 11,000 businesses who have done both.
  • Poorly enforced penalties for employers. Many employers have been granted a grace period on penalty payments as long as they are submitting workers' comp payments to the injured worker.

Right now there is only talk of making a proper system to make employers accountable for proper insurance coverage. One new policy that goes into effect in April 2013 will require businesses to submit special reports regarding their coverage. Our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers believe injured workers shouldn't have to wait for compensation of their injuries due to their employer's negligence in not providing adequate insurance. Have your work injury claim evaluated for free by completing this form. Also, all injured workers in North Carolina receive a complimentary copy of Brent Adams' book How to Get Top Dollars For Your Workers' Compensation ClaimThere are options available - don't let a negligent employer make you think you are not entitled to workers' comp benefits.

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