North Carolina Social Security Backlog Continues

Posted on Dec 04, 2008

social security delaysLocal news reports revealed the ongoing backlog of Social Security Disability applications in North Carolina. What is being done to help those sick and in need of support? Why is the SSD backlog in NC one of the worst in the country?

Several North Carolina residents suffer from the delays - some died long after their applications were submitted, but long before they are reviewed by officials.

One woman suffered a head injury in a car accident two decades ago and has since been plagued with severe, violent seizures and depression. When she applied for disability benefits that winter, she was denied. Her appeal has been in limbo ever since, as her case waits for a judge. Even after a case is heard however, she will expect another 3-to-6 month waiting period while officials decide her fate.

When local news reporters became involved however, her appeal went to court in a few weeks and her decision came down just a week later. The SSA admits that the Greenville, NC Social Security office is one of the busiest and most behind in the entire country. The average time to process a case is over two years - the fifth worst stats in the US. The result is a number of deserving, disabled people are living without the support that the system owes them.

To reduce the backlog, the Greenville office has taken steps. They hired three judges and seven new staff members. They are sending new cases to faster offices, like the one in Kingsport, TN. They are also screening some cases to try and make some decisions without a formal hearing. Still, the backlog remains and some are dying before help reaches them. Many more are living in poverty at no fault of their own. Learn about what you can do if your North Carolina Social Security Disability claim is denied.