North Carolina Snowboarder Faces Trial after Snowboarding Accident

Posted on Oct 29, 2011
A jury found a North Carolina snowboarder not guilty of reckless endangerment and third-degree assault following a snowboarding accident last winter.

According to local news sources, 22-year-old Travis Luffman was on a snowboarding vacation in March when he blindly jumped a hill on the slopes and collided with a seven-year-old skier visiting from Brazil. They little boy spent the night in the hospital, while Luffman faced misdemeanor criminal charges.

While ski and snowboard collisions can sometimes lead to personal injury lawsuits in civil court, many involved with this snowboard accident case said that they could not remember another case in which criminal charges were filed. Many believed that the accident fell under the Ski Safety Act, which classifies the incident as a petty offense that warrants a $1,000 fine.

The defense admitted that the young man had a lapse in judgment, but argued that his actions should not have resulted in criminal charges. It is not clear if the family is expected to file a personal injury claim against Luffman in the wake of the criminal trial.

The six jurors selected for the ski injury case watched a video of the incident and listened to witness testimony before deciding on a not guilty verdict. Because they live in Brazil, neither the young boy, nor his family, were present in court.

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