North Carolina Shuts Down Wake Forest Nursing Home after Deaths

Posted on Jan 30, 2012
Last week, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services ordered that a Wake Forest Nursing home close its doors and resituate all residents immediately. The strict order, which is a rare move in such a situation, came after the wandering death of one of the home’s residents and a number of other violations in the past eight years.

In December, at the Wake Forest Care Center, 69-year-old McKinley High wandered from the adult care facility and into the surrounding suburbs. He was struck by a car when he wandered into the street. The owner of the care center, Richard Cresenzo, told reporters that High had no signs of dementia. In 2006, 67-year-old Miklos Ankhelyi wandered from the home and drowned in a nearby creek. All in all, the eighty-bed nursing home has paid roughly $40,000 in North Carolina nursing home neglect violations since that incident.

Usually, state officials will not remove residents from a nursing home unless there is a serious, emergency situation. In this case, human services regulations believed that residents may have been in immediate danger at the home. However, some elder abuse and neglect experts have said that moving the elderly and changing their environment suddenly can be damaging to their health.

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