North Carolina Records 48 Fatal Worker Accidents In 2010

Posted on Jan 21, 2011
The number of North Carolina worker fatalities rose significantly in 2010 in comparison to 2009, but continues a greater trend of fewer deaths per year over the last decade.

All in all, 48 people were killed in on-the-job accidents in North Carolina last year, up from 34 deaths last year. Safety officials and safety advocates agreed that even more needs to be done to prevent workers from being killed while on the job – and that everyone, including companies and workers, need to work together to prevent accidents. At the same time, officials did point out that the recovering economy and an uptick in construction jobs over the past year probably did contribute to the increasing number of deaths.

The two leading causes of worker fatalities were falling during work and being struck by an object, such as a vehicle, during work. Sixteen people were killed in falls, 15 were struck by objects, nine were crushed by objects, four were electrocuted, and four died in other accidents.

All of the fatal worker accidents took place in the construction industry, the manufacturing industry, and the service industry.

On average, 53 people per year have died in worker accidents in North Carolina over the past five years. In the last ten years, the rate of North Carolina worker injuries has decreased from 5.3 in 100 to 3.1 in 100.  While injury and illness numbers are consistently falling, some worry that the number of worker fatalities has not seen such a clear trend.

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