North Carolina Ranks Top 10 Deadliest for Bicyclists

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

bicycle accident statisticsNot only is the Raleigh-Durham region one of the most dangerous areas for bicyclists in North Carolina, our state ranks in the Top 10 Deadliest States for Bicyclists. Reported in an issue of Governing magazine, a publication of the Governors Highway Safety Association, Wake County is at the top of the list when comparing counties across our state.

More than half of the victims who survive a bicycle accident suffer a disabling injury. With no means of protection besides an optional helmet, bicyclists are vulnerable to the full impact of a bicycle-vehicle accident. Spinal injuries, broken bones, soft tissue damage - every body part is at risk of an injury. 

Understand the statistics to help minimize your risk of an accident when cycling. Think that dawn and twilight are the most dangerous times of the day for bicycle accidents? According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation's March 2014 research, only 5% of bicycle accidents in our state occurred then. Nearly three-quarters occurred during the day, with approximately one-third taking place between 2PM and 6PM. Although cyclists are vulnerable at any time, try to choose safe riding conditions.

Bicycle accident victims face unique challenges when recovering. Sometimes victims of hit-and-runs, cyclists may find themselves physically and financially hurt. Who can cover the cost if the negligent driver is not found? If you know the identity of the negligent driver, what if they have no insurance or not enough insurance? Our bicycle accident attorneys in Raleigh can help explain ways of pursing negligent parties so that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to. Our consultations are free and we only collect a fee if we win money for you. Schedule your bike accident case consultation with a Raleigh accident lawyer.