North Carolina Not One of the States to Offer E-Proof of Insurance

Posted on Feb 18, 2013

Electronic proof of insurance may be acceptable in almost two dozen states soon, but North Carolina is not one of them. Right now Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana and Minnesota all approved of the electronic format. Wyoming recently approved of a proposal for the insurance coverage proof in digital format.

21 states are currently considering legislation amendments that will allow residents to provide electronic proof of insurance. Should an officer pull over a driver, they would be permitted to access and show proof of insurance coverage on their smartphone in lieu of a hard copy insurance ID card.

Allowing digital proof will save hundreds of hours in unnecessary court visits for drivers who inadvertently leave their insurance card at home and have to attend traffic court to resolve the matter. 

Electronic proof of insurance is also being called e-Card. For the time being, the NC legislature has not reported in plans to move into the digital realm. If half of the nation adopts the new e-Card system in 2013, hopefully North Carolina and the rest of the nation will follow soon and simplify the system, making it easier to verify insurance information, especially for those involved in a North Carolina car accident.

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