North Carolina Man Loses Suit Against Hotel After Fall Caused Injury

Posted on Oct 28, 2010
A North Carolina man has lost a personal injury lawsuit against a Hartford hotel. The man says that he seriously injured his back after a bar stool broke under his weight at the hotel.

According to court records, 56-year-old Archie Campbell was staying in a hotel to attend a local dog show on October 28, 2006. He spend the evening eating dinner with friends from the show before returning to the hotel bar for drinks. He sat on a bar stool with a back for about 20 minutes – but when he returned to the table with a second round of drinks, the 290-pound man had the stool collapse under him. He said that he fell back and down, injuring his back.

Campbell did not go to the hospital for a few days, when it was clear that his back pain was not improving. Since that time, he has accumulated $30,000 in medical bills and now requires a $70,000 vertebrae surgery to help his condition.

While the prosecution argued that the chairs were unsafe and that the hotel should have periodically checked the chairs for problems, the defense argued that the chairs met federal safety standards. The defense also stated that while chairs are tested to take weights up to 250 pounds, many aren’t tested or designed to hold more.

The jury took one hour to side with the defendant. Campbell was seeking $100,000 in past and future medical bills and $150,000 in punitive damages. Before the trial, the defendant offered Campbell $62,000 to settle the fall case.

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