North Carolina Malpractice Case for Wrongful Death Moves Forward

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

surgical errorWith less than a month to spare under the North Carolina medical malpractice statute of limitations, the two surviving children of Terry Wayne Utt filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Wake Forest University Health Sciences and North Carolina Baptist Hospital for the wrongful death of their father.

Utt entered the care of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on June 25, 2011. After a few days of care and stabilizing his condition (hypotension and kidney issues), Utt was deemed well enough for surgery. Local news reports cite that the anesthesiologist tending to Utt during the surgery accidentally administered the wrong medicine. For almost an hour Utt received unsafe levels of the wrong highly concentrated medication, reducing his body's ability to process oxygen. Although his condition could have been reversed by administering another type of medication, none of the medical staff administered the "antitidote" even after they became aware of the mistake.

The anesthesiologist informed Utt's family of her error, but no mention of the mistake was made in the medical reports. Utt survived for just over a week, but his condition did not improve and his organs failed. 

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