North Carolina Lawmakers Consider Drug Company Lawsuit Immunity

Posted on May 25, 2012

The Pharmaceutical Liability Subcommittee of the North Carolina Senate is considering giving pharmaceutical companies liability immunity when it comes to a number of NC defective drug lawsuits.. While patients, medical professionals, and the North Carolina Attorney General have all come out against the new bill, drug companies and some politicians think that in many cases, the pharmaceutical industry should be above the law.

Drug makers believe that they are too often the victims of frivolous lawsuits – and that they should not be allowed to be sued for defective drugs unless an attorney can prove that they lied to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) during the drug approval process. Some North Carolina lawmakers say they should support the drug industry, which brings so much business to the Triangle.

However, those who have been victims of defective drugs, and their families, have a very different story to tell – they want drug makers to be responsible for putting out dangerous products and harming others. The Attorney General added that the state would lose millions of dollars in class action lawsuits. Many doctors say that it would be irresponsible to put drug companies above the law – no matter the drug-centered North Carolina economy.

The Senate committee will continue to consider the bill by listening to more testimony over the next month.

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